Ratio of 1 to 200



The 1 to 200 Ratio for a gentler Planet

To produce 1 kg of meat, you feed a cow 15 kg of corn or grains which grows on 40 m² of land (plus tons of water, etc... generating CO2 and methan).

On the same land you can instead grow 120 kg of carrots and 80 kg of apples or

200 kg of fruit and vegetables !!!

How do you prefer to nourrish an expanding mankind, with 1 kg of meat or with 200 kg of fruits and vegetables? What is healthier, easier and more sustainable ? What is gentler on the planet with less CO² and pollution ?


Wouldn'it be better to stop destroying ancient forests everywhere to create even more chemical monocultures of soybean or corn for cattle? And instead promoting sustainable vegetable and fruit industry, which will support 200 times more people than industrial livestock production ? *

Go Veggie or Go Vegan !!!



* see also Time Mag Artikel (mobil)